quinta-feira, 31 de agosto de 2017



                    RESSACA! FLOOD!

A multimedia installation by Livio Tragtenberg & Marcio Barreto - 2017

Its about the sensations of the nature power of the sea against the human occupation of the territory!

The installation proposes an improvised relationship between the musicians, the interpreter-creator, the images in the space and the audience, that moves through the dramaturgical space.
In a hybrid reality, optical sensations the bodies and its sensorial impacts, creates differents perceptions of Reality and the place that we inhabit.

RESSACA! – FLOOD! -  is an unfolding of the mythical indianTupinambá Mantle and its meanings inside the anthropophagic rituals.Made with the red feathers of the guará bird, it was used by the shaman as a form of communication with the divine in the dances and sacred trances, As well as a guide for the long journey to the sea and towards the "land without evils."

The Tupi-Guarani people, guided by the dream of a shaman for generations, crossed forests and more rivers to reach the Atlantic coast in search of the Earth without Evils, an indigenous myth of the Paradise on Earth. Centuries later they met the Europeans and were relentlessly exterminated.

These installation is a ritual on those myths and narratives with images, movements and sounds.

Three musicians performs live with  originals brazilian indian wind instruments handcrafted with wood from the rainforest.

For the French philosopher Michel de Montaigne, who had contact with the Tupinambas in the sixteenth century, brought to Rouen to be exhibited at the court of Charles IX, as written in his Essays I, Chapter XXXI, Dos Canibais (1572-80) , It is a unique people, when he comments:
It is a nation, I would say it to Plato, in which there is no trade of any sort; No knowledge of letters; No science of numbers; No magistrate or political superiority; No vassalage, wealth or poverty; No contract, no succession, no sharing; No occupation that is not idle; No consideration of kinship, except of all; No clothes; No agriculture; No metal; No wine or bread. The words that mean lying, betrayal, concealment, avarice, envy, slander or forgiveness are unknown to them. (Montaigne, I, 31, p. 206).

RESSACA! FLOOD! Is also a celebration of utopy and a ironic commentary on the narratives about the :bon sauvage” from J.J. Rouseeau and the contemporary narratives from the ecological movements.